2 yo girl bullies little brother


My daughter (2) has been biting her brother (1). It’s not just a nibble. It’s a hard chomp that leaves him sobbing and with teeth marks on his arm or wherever she bit him. She also pushes him, hits him, etc. I have dealt with this issue over and over but don’t see any progress. We are also having issues with her yelling, “that’s mine!” over whatever her brother is holding and jerking the toy or book away from him. I’ve dealt with this issue also but can’t seem to get her to understand she needs to share. Instead she tells him to share and jerks the toys away from him again. They generally love each other and play well together but the biting, pushing, hitting, jerking toys away, etc. are definitely not very loving or acceptable behavior. What should I do? I have tried to be consistent in my disciplining of both issues but don’t see any change. She also yells “no!” whenever I go to put him in the living room to play with her.

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