Why doesn't he hand in the homework?


We have a 12 year old son who is in the 7th grade (junior high) this year. He is a good kid who has lots of friends and is very active in sports and does quite well. Our problem this past school year is that in many of his classes he doesn't turn in his work. He will get good grades on his daily work, but then have zeroes because he doesn't hand stuff in. This essentially brings his grades down (in some cases) to an F. He says he either forgets or just doesn't hand it in. At home we have caught him doing things he knows he should not--sneaking pop and candy in his room, watching TV when he was told no TV until homework is done. (All of this is done while we are at work.) Last week he got a detention for lying to a substitute teacher. We have pulled him from sports until the grades improve. We are at our wit's end with trying to get him to be responsible and honest. Is this just his age or something more? He is the youngest of 3 siblings.

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