Parenting dilemma or parenting success story.


John, (or a parent coach) we have told him "it's because God made you a boy". I will accept that my children will not be able to share toys from here on out but the pains it takes us to explain to our son WHY he can't play with them (when he sees it as harmless) is becoming exhausting. And we have used "because I said so". I realize now this will take time and being consistent, using alpha voice, etc. There is so much competition between the two that our son often says he wants his sister to leave, he wants to be alone, and he has started yelling at her (hitting her) and has developed a loud whiny, baby voice to us. Our whole family (included extended family) has noticed it as well. His attitude towards her is not respectful and we have talked with him about it. They are at each others' throats all day long. Do I need to give him more time alone in his room? I don't want him to be isolated all the time just to avoid his sister.

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