The Daycare Biter, Act 2


My just turned 2 granddaughter is biting at her preschool/daycare. This has happened off and on for over 3 months and is getting more frequent. She does not do this at home, to her 4 yr bother, on outings, birthday parties, only at this facility. They believe in redirection and are only now agreeing with me to put her into a time out chair and doing more than a removing her from the situation. She cannot change schools as this is mid year and she cannot quit working as what she does is vital to other children as well earning income. My daughter talks at length with her when they get home, before she drops her off, and in the car both there and back getting an enthusiastic nod. She is now hitting and She/We need an outsiders view. We cannot be there to reprimand at the "moment" and are thinking that 24 mos is a bit young to understand something that happened 2-4-6 hours in the past. The school has put her on a biting warning protocol and we must nip this is the bud pronto!

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