Total Lack of Motivation


My 15.5 year old daughter is not under any form of care. She has a lack of motivation and general malaise. I have had her tested in the past, she has no issues. The major issues started with online school in 2020. In 2021 after she chose not to participate in talk therapy, group therapy, coaching and every thing else she tried, we sent her to wilderness therapy for 7 weeks in 2021. The greatest strides at wilderness therapy were truly in our parenting and avoiding power struggles, enforcing boundaries etc.

Here we are in 2022, same lack of schoolwork situation (nearly 0% effort--she was in person in the fall and is online this spring), except she seems genuinely content at her job. I don't think we ask her to quit her job because she has great mentors there and is learning skills and responsibility. An additional bummer is that her employer is requesting employees to change to a short sleeve uniform, and because she struggles with her weight, she wants to keep her arms covered and is now thinking of quitting her job to avoid the short sleeves (she chooses not to exercise, and has walking distance access to any food she wants). I'm listening to her concerns and trying to uncover what she is willing to do, but all I am sensing is frustration and lack of self esteem overall. She is not willing to talk to a counselor etc. There is not much to take away from her. Her phone is very limited, and we have told her we will know she is ready for her driver's permit when she completes her school work on time, as well as household duties. Other than the permit, there is not much else she shows interest in having. She has very few friends and spends most time alone as well. What do you recommend?

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