8 year old boy missing his friends after moving


We’ve recently relocated and all my 8 year old does is complain he misses his old friends from his old school. I understand transitions are difficult and life has changed a lot but my sons quality of life has improved massively and he seems happy with his new friends.
I have tried to remain contact with some old school friends parents so Tyler could stay in touch but they don’t reply, don’t answer at arranged call times or say they are too busy with 100 different activities a week. This is the issue we had before we moved. My son never had play dates he would only see the children in school and because we lived in the middle of nowhere, parks etc weren’t easy access. He always complained he was lonely. We also lived in a tiny flat with no garden or working ventilation which was covered in mould to a really spacious bright house with a garden closer to family.
Now he has friends he sees everyday to play with and goes to the park and some activities and enjoys himself and says what a good time he’s had then he starts complaining he wants to move back to our old town and be with his school friends.
I’ve tried to focus on how lucky he is but he still complains.

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