8 year old Caught Cheating (Again)


My 8 year old daughter was just caught cheating on a school assignment for the second time. The first time, she had filled in false numbers on her reading log to make it look like she had read enough to earn the reward at the end of the month. We made her forfeit the award, gave her a talking to and made her confess it to her teacher and she got a talking to from the teacher. We assumed she had learned the lesson and the consequence seemed to hurt. Her next reading log is due tomorrow and we’ve found that she has cheated again. She made up numbers for the first half of the month. Last time, she confessed when we confronted her. This time she is maintaining that she has no idea how or when the numbers were made up and that she did not lie (we are 100% positive that she did). What’s the appropriate punishment here?

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