Dethrone the 5 year old


My daughter is 5. We are having (and have had for some time) tantrum, temper, screaming issues when told she doesn’t get her way for even the smallest things. I know that I have probably exacerbated this issue by doing something I wasn’t supposed to like giving in to whining etc but we are stuck. I love her with all my heart but it breaks my heart that she has become something of a thing to dread for me. :( I am constantly walking on eggshells trying to keep her in a good mood. Recently( past year) I’ve been putting my foot down More. Resorting to putting her in her room snd letting her scream it out, sometimes resorting to spankings etc. problem is she screams so loud and for so long my husband and I are becoming more and more distant ourselves because of the stress it causes. There are some triggers such as TV, hunger, sleepiness etc but I want to give her the tools to navigate those feelings. Please help. FYI we also have a 2 year old snd a puppy coming next week. Our 2 year old wakes at 5ish every morning and we are working on that in hopes we can give everyone a but more sleep which doesn’t help. The puppy is another issue in itself but it is what it is. Please help. I’m losing my enjoyment in my daughter and it’s straining our marriage and breaking my heart.

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