Squirrel! - Follow up


Re: Squirrel
Thank you for your helpful response to my earlier question about my easily distractible 6 year old. All good reminders. We have done all these things (admittedly probably not as consistently as required) but it’s always good to know you’re on the right track and just need to stay the course!!
I have a follow up question though. We have frequently used the timer recommendation and I’m wondering what to do when he does NOT complete the task before the timer. Because this happens. A LOT. I mentioned it doesn’t appear to be naughty in nature but like a puppy chasing a squirrel bc that’s where I get stuck—not know how to deal with consistently not finishing a task before the reasonably set timer. I certainly don’t think I should reward (with more than a “good job buddy”) for beating his timer every time but I’m stuck with what an appropriate consequence of not completing it if it truly isn’t purposeful disobedience but 6 year old lack of focus. It just happens so frequently that the timer has become practically useless. Hope that makes sense. Appreciate the help!

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