Who pays for what - the college years


19 yr old in college on substantial scholarship not taking her academics seriously and, given the trajectory, will lose the scholarship come year's end.

From her history, I think she's just a freshman prioritizing social over academics. She's fully capable of keeping her GPA up.

The remaining cost of school is through a loan in her name. We are making a monthly contribution to the loan on a reducing sliding scale with the goal of her taking it over completely by junior year. We have made it clear that a loss of scholarship would NOT include an increase in our contribution.

If she loses the scholarship, her cost would increase significantly.

We are not micromanaging her in any way.

The only other thing we pay for monthly for her is her phone.

My question: Is there ANYTHING else we can do now that will provide a proactive wake up call? Although we're prepared to let her take this consequence, the stakes are high and I'm hoping maybe there's something....

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