Patriotic Preoccupation: A Toddler's Flag Fixation


Our 28 month old is OBSESSED with American flags. This has lasted over a year. The flag has become a large issue many times throughout the day as his obsession spans isn’t only with the flag itself but also the angle it’s situated. Or the hole it’s sticking in. He would just assume walk around the house all day looking for the “perfect spot for my American flag“ than play with real toys. And if he doesn’t find the “perfect spot’ or the flag isn’t at the right angle it leads to a huge meltdown. I understand toddler’s need for control and trying to do things on their own… But at what point is this detrimental to his development? He is a highly intelligent and sensitive two-year-old but I just need some tips on how to respond to this obsessive behavior. Thank you!

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