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Help! Our Daughter Keeps Her Sister up at Bedtime!


Our daughters are five and almost three and recently started sharing a room. So far, it has been a positive experience and both of them sleep better and wake up less often.

However, when we put them to bed. Our youngest starts babbling, singing, etc., which leads to quarrels between the tw. This results in them calling out for my husband and I several times after we put them to bed, which can go on for 10-40 minutes.

I would appreciate any guidance on your behalf. Your help has been invaluable in the past to our family and we tremendously benefitted from it.


Having two girls similarly spaced who still share a room at 16 and nearly 18, I am right there with you on the joys--and sometimes problems--of sisters sharing a room. But I have a solution, one that I employed for years in our home (my two girls have two younger brothers, who also share a room).

Put the younger sister to bed at least 30 minutes to 45 minutes before her older sister. Let her babble and sing herself to sleep. Older sister will come to bed after younger sister is most likely asleep, and since she's quieter in her self-soothing, she shouldn't wake up younger sis.

For later years, when the younger one is still awake when older sis comes to bed, sound machines or story CDs/music work well to help calm everyone down.

Let me know how it goes and hang in there!

Sarah Hamaker
Certified Leadership Parenting Coach
Trained Biblical Parenting Coach
Author of Ending Sibling Rivalry

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