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Our 19 year old daughter is living at home and working full time as a nursing aide at a local hospital. She has quit nursing school (the co-vid online situation did not work out well for her). In her waking hours, she is constantly on her smart phone. She has been posting some very leftist things recently on social media and has also posted a vlog declaring herself a lesbian Christian. This she has not personally shared with us. We heard this through a family member. She has struggled for years with identity issues, depression and anxiety. She takes anti depressants and is very resistant to making positive non prescription lifestyle changes that would almost assuredly make her feel better - i.e. limiting social media, exercise, proper eating habits, church. She also shops and spends almost everything she makes and doesn't clean up after herself. What suggestions do you have for us while she is still under our roof? What can we do to continue to instill our conservative values that she is currently poopoo-ing?

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