Disrespect is Unacceptable


For our daughter's 10th birthday we let her have two friends sleepover. I asked her for a birthday dinner and breakfast request to have for the sleepover.

Breakfast request was waffles with strawberries in them.

I made waffles that morning and put strawberries in the first waffle. The strawberries ended up getting burnt so I decided to make the remaining waffles like normal and just put the strawberries on top.

When my daughter came into the kitchen for breakfast and saw that the waffles were not exactly as she requested, she immediately folded her arms, eyes filled with tears and she began to express her disappointment/disapproval since the waffles were not exactly as she requested.

She has reacted in a similar way more or less in other situations where she has certain specific ideas in her head of how things should go and when things don't go as so, I see a disrespectful and spoiled child.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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