Relax - it's toilet training


Toilet Training

My daughter is 18 months old and tiny. At 6 months, she'd crawl to get her diapering products after pooping. So I've been thrilled to train her early. She is just big enough to sit on the potty (she couldn't reach the tiny baby potties last month!).

We've been at this for over a week.
She knows when she needs to go. She sits on the potty multiple times. But she gets up and runs off -- even if we are trying to keep her on it. She just won't go. She gets anxious, stomps her feet, is cranky.

She has ran to it and squatted and gone. And when she's on it I think she doesn't understand how to relax the muscles in the sitting position. How do I help her with that? She's ending up holding it until it explodes out. (Usually, I lift her, put her on it. She's usually in another room by then.) I've tried a timer. She happily complies to sit, but can't produce. But it's just training that muscle in a sitting position. How??

I'd love any ideas. Everyone thinks it's too young. Maybe??


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