"In the eyes of a child, parents are "mean" when the child discovers that they mean what they say. "

Siblings Must Work It Out!


I’ve got two kids, an almost 8 year old girl and a 3 year old boy. For the most part, they play really well on their own. Whenever she doesn’t have school, we have the most conflict. He loves playing with her. He will follow her around all day, trying to play with or at least just beside her. It’s been good for him, taught him to play the way she does (imaginary, using figurines to talk to each other, etc). She does get alone time during the day (his nap for 2 hours, right after he goes to bed she gets about 30-45 mins). Do I structure out more time for them to play separate? Most of the time, what’s causing me to have to check on them is constant whining on his part. She will decide she is done playing with him and he will fuss in frustration, or he will try to get her to talk with his toy and she won’t answer.

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