Ending the Food Battle


We are having many battles over food in our house. We have boys ages five, three, and one. The older boys go to preschool and are usually going without an adequate breakfast. They are offered food that they generally like, but seem uninterested in eating much in the mornings.
Additionally, they know that they are not allowed to have a snack until the previous meal has been finished. Even though this has been a long-standing rule, they are constantly asking for snacks.
Our 5 year old generally eats well at dinner without much complaining. However, our 3 year old (who is already quite thin) seems to care less about dinner. My husband sometimes sits with him and feeds him, but I am more inclined to have him choose between dinner and bedtime. He sometimes chooses to eat, but often chooses to go to bed.
Any tips on how we could better approach the food related challenges we are having?

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