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How do you recommend dealing with whining and bad attitudes? We we using the ticket system with our 5 year old and it is helping with bigger bad behaviors. We are working to use Alpha speech and act like we are in charge (because we are). We stopped the ticket system with our 3 year old at your recommendation as it wasn’t working and have gone to immediate time outs and doctor ordered early bedtime. With our 5 year old, it often seems a thunder cloud sits over his head. He does get tickets taken away for disobedience, violence, back talk, and disrespect. But we aren’t sure how to address his overall negative attitude. With the 3 year old, whining is the main issue. Again, he is disciplined for the above noted behaviors but he struggles with whining and emotions multiple times per day.
Both both behaviors are disruptive to our family and honestly set me on edge. What do you recommend?

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