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Hello! We have a wonderful 5 year old boy who started kindergarten this past August. He is wonderfully sweet, but a bit naive. As his mother, a lot of my interests which can definitely be classified as "nerdy" have rubbed off on him. He has a very strong and vivid imagination. Starting about a week ago, he has reported to us that he is being bullied - so far the extent of it is being chased and excluded - and he has mostly been spending his recess breaks alone. We are religious Jews who are observant, so we cannot sign our son up for any Saturday activities like sports, but we've been doing play-dates on Sundays when we can. There are no other kids his age at our synagogue and we also don't really know any other parents living by traditional, conservative values and perspectives. We always knew he was going to be a bit of an "odd one out" for these reasons, but how can we help our son adjust and not be a weak target for bullies? How can we help him find the kids who are going to be mensches, and not have to spend his time alone? Thank you so much.

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