"Parents who always go out of their way for their children eventually lose their way. "

A Morning Dawdler


Hi there,
How do I get my 5 year old to do his morning routine - is get dressed, make bed and brush teeth without being told? We have put up pictures of what needs to be done but he plays instead of getting it done. When told to get it done, he takes a very, very long time to complete everything as he gets distracted or just sits and stares at this and that. He will simply hurry when he sees that I am checking in on him, then dawdle again. For example if I leave him to get dressed, 10 minutes later, he’s just managed to get his pjs off. Breakfast is much the same - he dawdles and plays and talks but does very little eating. I’ve tried to leave it, and he just goes hungry (usually breakfast as he takes so long to complete his routine or eat) - later on if he is home, pesters me to death about being hungry. I don’t give in but it happens on a regular basis. I’m pretty sick of the dawdling and pestering. How do I solve this?

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