Ditch the Daycare


My 20 month old toddler is having a very hard time adjusting to daycare. I believe she has severe separation and social anxieties. I am a stay at home mom and I am putting my daughter in daycare for some socializing with other children and people other than just me and my husband. We travel around for my husband's work and I previously had her in a day care for 2 months for half days when she was 15-17 months and it did not go well - she cried the entire day and it never got any better. Once I said goodbye she would scream and cry inconsolably and would scream when any of the other children came near her. Since then we have moved to a new town and we will be at this job site for a full year and they have a great day care here so I decided to put her in again and the same thing is happening all over again. I thought putting her in for one hour and building her time there up gradually would be a good idea but that does not seem to be working either. I could definitely use some advice on how to help her adjust and get over her separation anxiety and social anxieties.

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