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Dealing with One-Year-Old's Challenging Behavior


I have a 12 month old, and have recently finished Making the Terrible two's terrific. He seems to be staring tantrums when he has items taken from him, eg the car keys because I have to use them, or not wanting to be strapped in the car seat. Often they last under a minute, but I have been ignoring the complaining, but the other day it just kept going. I find it really difficult when we are out somewhere and he screams because he wants to get down.
The house is babyproofed and he has lots of things he can walk around and explore, including a large backyard.
My question is, at what age can we start implementing a gated room/Dutch door for tantrums? One answer to a similar question on this site said 3yo, while another suggested 16 months.

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