LOVE and LEAD, Even at Bedtime


Good morning,
I need some advice on sleep for my 4 year old. She goes to daycare during the day. They make the children take a 2 hour nap. She does not nap on the weekends. We are struggling during the week to get her to sleep. I can’t really blame her but it is turning into a vicious cycle. She is not falling asleep until 10 or 10:30 during the week so of course she is tired for nap time the next day. We start the bedtime routine around 7 and then read a few books then time for bed. Some nights, I will lay down with her for 15-20 min and then leave her to go to sleep. Typically she plays in bed some and then comes down stairs to say she can’t go to sleep. On the weekends she falls asleep around 8-8:30. I’ve read your opinion about taking off the top of the door and letting her stay up as long as she stays in her room. I’m struggling on what the punishment should be for coming out of the room and recently she is dabbling in getting scared once it gets late. I am worn out...

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