3 Year Old Terror at Bedtime 'Part 2'


My 3 year old daughter continues to yell and scream at the top of her lungs at bedtime if someone does not lay with her. I will kiss, hug, tuck her in and then leave. Before I'm out the door, she is up and crying/yelling. I put her to bed a little after 7. We have calming time starting around 630. She's a 'tough' child during the day, she is very verbal and will say things that are not nice or cry if she doesn't get her way...but she can also be as sweet as can be, so I know she knows how to be a nice girl. She is quite attached to me and often tells me that she "needs me" and in the next sentence will say something rude to me. We are firm with her and use the ticket system. Her door doesn't latch, so she can get out of her room. Once she is asleep, she is up once a night wanting someone to lay with her.
Is this normal behavior for a 3 year old girl??? Do I need to seek behavioral counseling for her? My husband and I are at a complete loss! Thank you!

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