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Night Time Accidents


Background: We started training my daughter at 20 months and she was quickly and easily trained, lucky me. At 24 months we stopped diapers and naptime with great success.
Issue: In November, at 26 months, she got a big girl bed and along with that a we took away night time diapers now that she could get out of bed to go potty. I know there is no such thing as night time training but I’m at a loss. She will be 2.5 years old in March and she wakes up wet every morning. Sometimes she is wet over night or super early in the morning and she wines and cries other times she wakes up wet with out informing us and I don’t know when it happened. There have been a hand full of times over the 14 weeks she woke up dry and one six night stretch (I thought she had it figured out. Every morning she tells us she is wet: she helps bring her sheets and blankets to the washing machine, helps clean the bed and takes a bath (she is not bothered in the slightest by these tasks; she loves helping). It is clear she is not waking up when she is peeing.
Question: should I just continue with the way we are going? Is there anything I can do to facilitate this transition.

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