Children Ruling the Roost


Dear Dr. John Rosemond,
My husband found out about your profession, while listening to one of your broadcasts. We have purchased several of your books about how to raise & disciplines children. I feel that it is time to ask for your advice about what we can do to reign our children in. It is my deepest hope & prayer that our family can be so close knit that nothing can break our relationships apart, and that our kids can depend on each other when they need each other. It is also my deepest hope & prayer also that the children also come to genuinely know Christ as their personal Lord & Saviour. That being said that is not where is standing right now. We have 7 children, ranging from 2 to 14. Over the past several years our oldest children, especially our 14 year old, have been defiant, belligerent, disrespectful, rebellious, look you straight in the face and lie, and steal, hold grudges on each other and probably anything else you can imagine. They have been "the rulers of the roost", for quite sometime. This lifestyle that they enjoy so much is leaking out to the younger children. I, their mother, is the adult that's in charge, their authority, for most of time, they basically have had no intention of paying attention to anything I tell, and I'm at my wits end, I've even fasted for several days. I have no idea what has caused them to behave this way, expect that they basically no respect for their mother, I have always showed them love. I've always tried my best to give them what they needed. I'm worried about our children, if they continue in this lifestyle, a lifestyle without any consequences when they break the law. The 14 year old is pretty much the leader of the pack.
It didn't help our situation that our 14, had a part in stirring up a situation with our local government, I think you know what I mean. We were turned in due to our 14 year old being defiant & rebellious & things not going the way she wanted. Things have gotten out control & we've had outbursts of anger. It also hasn't helped that the school aged children were placed in the public school system due to them being in foster care, they are home now, though. Being in public school system isn't helping with this lifestyle.
I have also read about several of your techniques, but I also don't want to hender anything that we've worked to gain, after losing our children once. I don't want to backtrack, we need to heal relationships.
So, all that said, we need your help in getting our family on the right track, for God.

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