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Soaking wet toddler at night worries Mom


My husband and I started N75 with our 18-month-old son yesterday, and as I was starting this question, my son had his first success going pee in the potty. It's been nonstop accidents up to this point, most likely because we've been anxious and hovering. (Who knew?!) :)

So I have another question I'd like to ask about. We put him to bed last night in thin cotton underwear and a shirt, and he predictably woke up this morning completely soaked from chin to toes. He did sleep through the night, but I'm concerned because it's winter, and our house can be drafty. Would it cause a setback of any sort if we were to use the waterproof covers for cloth diapers over his cotton underwear to contain the wetness so he doesn't catch cold? We don't want to send mixed messages by putting him in diapers at night, but we also don't want a sick toddler on our hands (especially because I'm due with his little brother in 11 weeks.)

Thanks for all of your advice and help!

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