Twin won't stop hurling toys


Dear Dr. Rosemond and staff,

Thank you for your previous advice on hitting. As you may recall, we have twin boys who are 2 1/2 years old. After using the "quick time out" method, both of our twin two-year-old boys have been doing much better. However, one of the twins has now gotten into throwing. He still hits occasionally (both his brother, dad, and mother), but he mainly is throwing his most treasured of possessions (his baby doll which he carries everywhere) any time he is upset. If his doll has already been thrown, or if it's not around, he will throw anything in sight (books, matchbox cars, etc.). And it seems like it is constant. Any form of distressing emotion--no matter how slight or severe--will cause him to throw. He will also throw if: (a) he is upset; (b) if we tell him "no" for any reason; (c) if his brother takes a toy; or (d) if we look at him the wrong way. We have tried the time out method with him for throwing as well, but it is not working. He throws so much and so often, that we are putting him in timeout several times a day. Our boys are a little behind on their verbal skills, and it is still difficult for them to verbalize their feelings, and we feel that this is part of the problem. I would also note that this boy tends to be quieter than his brother, more contemplative, and a bit more of a "loner." We would certainly appreciate any suggestions that you might have, as it is beginning to get out of control. Thank you again!

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