Day Care Potty Issue


My son, who is 3.5, has been potty trained at home and out in public since his third birthday (later than you recommend, but we only just found you and became apostles about 4 or 5 months ago. We will know better for the next kiddo). Did it in a weekend, and other than having an accident at night while asleep from time to time, largely, he has rocked it...

in all but one department… day care! He refuses to pee on the potty at daycare. He will try to go on the potty every time the teachers ask him to without a fight, will not go, and two minutes later will turn around and pee in his pants. He is then too ashamed and shy to tell the teachers he has done it, so we have to wait until the teachers notice.

How can I get our son to use the bathroom at daycare?

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