Reconciling Lost Relationship with Teen


My husbands 15 yo daughter has cut off all communication with him. She was living with us but moved to her moms full time for the past year and a half, he has been blocked from texting, messaging, etc. She has decided that she misses her little sisters (6 and under) and wants to visit them THIS Saturday. She has not had contact with them by her choice this whole time. No letters, phone calls etc. She has been increasingly struggling with cutting, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, depression, etc. How do we handle this? My husband is desperate to see his daughter. Her sisters miss her. I am worried. Both that she will change her mother nd last minute, or react badly, and that it will rip open old wounds with my husband and girls without a clear path toward reconciliation. She’s not interested in reconciling. Just wants a visit. How do we go about this? How do we prepare the little girls? Is there a way to do this where she will want to start rebuilding relationships? Or is this an attempt to hurt her Dad further? How do we show her love in a way that she believes it?

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