Three Angry Teens, One Frazzled Mom


I have a 17 year old, a 15 year old and a 13 year old all whom believe life completely and utterly revolves around them. the 17 year old boy refuses to look for work, he has let his learners license expire where he would not finish his drivers ed class nor ask us to allow him to drive. We even offered and he refused. Has to be reminded to do his laundry, and his chores on a daily basis. He gets angry over anything especially when he is corrected. the 15 year old does not want to come out of her room unless she is made, only puts partial effort into doing her chores or does very little. the 13 year old is starting to show disrespect as well as only half an effort in the chores. We are not the parents that run our kids to all kind of extracurricular activities they are not involved in any. I don't let friends come over very often. ( I have 3 teenagers I don't like at times why would I want to add someone else's teenager) I have read your Kick them out of the Garden post. However short of clothes none of these kids have anything to take away. We have even gave them a limited personal supply of towel (2) and wash cloth (3) with the kids having their own set and color so I know who has left the mess in the bathroom. I'm not sure what to do from here. These kids don't have cell phones, tablets, video games etc. I threw the last video game in the trash a year ago. And no electronics. Any advice is welcome

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