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I'm a single mom of three. 14 yr boy, 11 yr boy/girl twins. My daughter seems to do everything to NOT do what I ask her to do. She eventually does it, but not before struggling to stand up or talking about something unrelated or taking baby steps. She's also comfortable being nasty to me. She's probably been doing this most of her life. Sometimes she gets away with it because I'm either doing some chore or focusing on the boys. I think I've done a disservice to her by not figuring this out years ago. And, in turn, a disservice to myself! Please help... I sat her down this evening to calmly tell her I am aware of what she's doing. Forced her to look into my eyes. She was fidgeting.. And nasty. I left her abruptly after she disrespected me. Heard her mumble "she hates me..." Please can you offer guidance!?

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