5 yo lying with no remorse


We have a 5 year old daughter we are fostering. She's been with us for a little over 2 months. She is pleasant enough, but she has no remorse for things she does wrong (big or little). We've been able to guide her somewhat, but it is very difficult to discipline someone who doesn't care about doing something wrong or even that she is in trouble. We've tried the ticket method but it wasn't very useful. Her room is essentially stripped down (4 books and 1 stuffed animal), but being confined to her room for the day doesn't bother her at all. When asked she says it isn't a big deal and "accidents are accidents" -- even when she did something on purpose. How do you develop a conscious in a child? She is currently doing chores for lying (we try not to ask too many questions of her, but it still happens when we do), but that doesn't seem to phase her either. Lying is a very ingrained habit - we stop her before she answers and ask her to think about the truth before she says anything. That helps sometimes but not all. She will even stick with the lie when we tell her we know she is lying and show her the truth.

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