Diagnosis and parenting.


Our 8-year old daughter was psychologically evaluated upon a request from her school and pediatrician. This was done for a determination of possible ADHD or Autism Spectrum issues. The results of some of the tests administered concern us more than others. The following are the tests of most concern:
*Conners 3-Parent - the higher scores indicate inattention, ADHD Predominately Inattentive Type
*Gilliam Autism Rating Scale-3: Autism Index 72, Percentile Rank: 3, Probability of Autism: Very Likely
The psychologist referred to our daughter as "high functioning", but she presents with ASD and ADHD behaviors.
The school has based its likelihood of additional help for my daughter based upon this independent evaluation.
We are not planning on our daughter seeing this psychologist again, and we are not commenting upon their recommendations for treatments (techniques or medications). What we would like is to ask is for recommendations or materials for parenting techniques, cueing techniques, and methods for limiting distractions during teaching and learning activities. We are against using psychotropic medications and don't want to be "pressured" by the school into trying them. Any information or recommendations on that issue would also be greatly appreciated.

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