8 Year Old Bucking Confinement


It's been several weeks with our 8 year old restricted to his room except for meals and early bedtime. He currently has to have 15 consecutive days without hitting or pushing anyone and he seems to always have an incident around day 5. His behavior also seems to be ramping up rather than getting better. I'll tell him to get dressed or he'll have to go in his underwear and he just says "I'd like to see you try". Then one day he packed up his backpack and left the house out his bedroom window and ran away from home because "we are mean" he turned around and came back after only going 3 houses down. Yesterday he bit someone at summer camp when they were laughing at him for losing a game they were playing, he hasn't bit anyone since he was a toddler. When he got home and I was told what happened and said his 15 days restarted he just started running off down the street. We followed him at a distance to ensure he was safe but that just made him run faster and farther. Today I just got a call from summer camp that he tried to run away from camp and go home because they took his water bottle away (he was trying to pour water on another kid). I'm at a total loss. Basically I feel like I just need to breakdown and put him on ADHD meds because I have so little hope left that anything will help. His first two weeks of summer camp were practically blissful no issues at all, I really thought he was turning a corner. Then WHAM! Back to less than square one.

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