11 yo, Depressed, Won't Do School Work


We read him the riot act and lowered the boom. It's the first time our son (11) has been grounded. He has been refusing to do his school work. He sits and stares at his math book for hours, even though he is capable. Controlled spanking doesn't help. Offering basketball camp as motivation doesn't help. He seems very depressed and will hardly talk to us. All we've been able to get out of him is that he feels weighed down by his sin. He knows the gospel and knows he is loved. He has such a sad expression on his face that I'm concerned he is filled with negativity from his own sinful nature. He says God won't listen to him. And he's afraid of following God because he heard about martyrs and is afraid of suffering.

He is grounded for a week (to start). He can't do special things, videos, computer, and goes to bed right after supper without books.

Can you please share some resources with us? We don't know if it's just his stubbornness or if he has a mental block. We don't​ want to take him to a medical doctor who will prescribe drugs, nor a secular psychologist. It is miserable and I'm worried he might hurt himself or others. I appreciate any help you can suggest!!

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