The 14 year old rules.


This is in reference to my last question regarding my 14 year old stepson. I couldn't agree more about the parents being on the same page. Plus I have read Johns" book Teen proofing. I have resigned myself to the fact that my husband will never be on the same page as me and vice versa. His idea of parenting is to believe everything said child says and to put me in the same class as the teen. Example: when I am scolding him for forging my signature for 8 months on homework detention and the child is screaming at me, my husband steps in and says "enough you too". Now his lack of parenting has produced the train wreck that I have just been waiting for. This past week I discovered a 1800.00 gaming computer hidden in his room, plus 200.00 worth of accessories. When I confronted him he said a friend sold it to him for 100.00. I phoned the mother and of course that was not true. Upon further digging, I found that he went through my drawers and stole at least 2500.00 from my little rainy day fund and left me with 422.00. He bought gift cards for amazon over the course of 2 months while he was planning this crime. He would stay up all night gaming (which he was not permitted to have his own laptop) and slept all day until evening. He shows no remorse that he stole from me and refuses to talk to me. I phoned the police to come and put some fear in him since this is his second crime in less than a year. He lies about everything and lived like a king. I stripped his room and my husband said he can't go on the school trip. This in my opinion will do nothing because I believe he needs professional help. Please tell me what you would recommend. He is completely defiant to me, won't answer me when I ask him a question and my husband steps in and tells me "that's enough! I am at wits end and my marriage is crumbling. What do I do?

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