Single parent struggles.


I could probably be considered guilty of putting my kids in the center of the family. Giving too much consideration to their feelings... I'm a single parent of boy/girl twins that are 10 and another boy 13. Dad left when they were 2 and 5. I had guilt. 13 had issues. Took him to counselor who said he should have all this stuff like alone time with me when twins go to bed, friends over late... yada yada. I think 13 is manipulative. he's always telling me he hates his life, wants to be like other kids and wants to end his life because no one likes him. I don't put much stock into this, but i've created this monster and i need to know how to correct it. I'm not a big punisher, but i've learned that i need to start. i took his phone away for one lousy day when he broke the doorframe of his sisters room playing foolishly. I am determined to get them to listen to me the first time I say something. I guess I'm anxious to know if a.) turning the hands of time back and correcting this is possible and b) how quickly it might happen... 13 is a very sensitive, emotional kid. He gets called gay at school and doesn't have any real good friends. it's hard for him to find "playdates." He's intelligent, funny and outgoing. It's hard to believe he isn't "popular." I've read his texts to friends and he pretty much begs for attention. It's embarassing! To me. I can't understand why he can't see that. Kids call him annoying (he really can be). Why doesn't he learn his behavior is not getting him what he wants...

I'm probably over 250 words. Though I can continue, I wont.

I await your response! Impatiently, of course. Like 13.

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