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My daughter is 3 years 4 months and is currently our only child. She is what many would call "strong-willed" and very independent and stubborn. She also has an abundance of energy (more than most other kids her age we know). Our biggest issue is her trouble with listening and first-time obedience. So much of the time it feels like we have to make sure we are right in her face in order for her to give us attention. She would rather do her own thing or run and jump around than stop and listen. This leads to a lot of yelling and frustration on all parts. We have not found a consistent form of discipline that works, which I know is part of the problem. We threaten, but aren't sure what we're threatening to do. We've thought about establishing some type of reward/punishment system to get us all on the same page, but don't know if that's a good idea or not. We desperately need help and guidance on how to teach her to listen and obey the first time. I believe this is the foundation for everything else as she's growing up, and I feel like I'm failing at it.

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