5th Grader Doesn't Want to Switch Schools


After talking with my 5th grade daughter's teacher and the principal, my husband and I have decided a new school is the best solution. There have also been several more incidents since I first broached the question with you that have sealed the deal. I think we have found a school that we both are very happy with and will be a much better fit. Unfortunately my daughter has decided she is more comfortable in her misery because I believe that she's scared and overwhelmed with the idea, especially in the middle of the school year. She now doesn't want to go. I feel as parents we need to make the hard choice and just do it and soon. We would like her to be on board but don't believe the decision should be left to her. Also, my younger daughter wouldn't be able to go yet as there is no spot for her. She would be on a waiting list. We don't want to drag my 5th grader kicking and screaming but think its in her best interest. Nor do we want it to feel like a punishment if her sister isn't going yet. Do you have any suggestions on how to make this transition easier or concerns about whether we are even doing the right thing by forcing the move? Thank you.

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