13 yo Doesn't Like Divorced Mom Dating


Divorced about 3 years. Dating my boyfriend for 1 1/2years. I haven't push the relationship Ive given my 13 year old boy space. He doesn't like my boyfriends daughters. My moms bd was last night-dinner at my brothers. My mom invited my boyfriend and his girls. My son was as his dads. I text him and told him everyone was coming and he threw a fit. Said he was done with me etc. Not the first time...He was disrespectful and said he wouldn't come with me on Monday. My time. I cut his phone off...We have joint but my ex is a weekend dad with joint custody. He didn't make him come. My ex actually went off on me bc my son manipulated him. My family thinks I need to call his bluff and let my son temporarily live with his dad...and I back off. I pick him up each day and parent from across town. At his dad's he never hears no or is frustrated by his dad. No parenting. They think it will show my son how much I do....make him ride the bus and sit there until 7 at night and I back off. Am I on the right track???

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