10 yo Autistic Trouble Relating to Friends


My son of 10 yo has autism. He speaks all the time. He interrupts us all the time and doesn't seem to see the signs of others when they are upset about it. When revising with my daughter, he answers the questions in his room and tell her that she is not good (don't understand that it's wrong and appologies all the time and say: i didn't know) At school, he is interrupting teacher and at the end of everything he wants to add personal things (I don't think he does that to make him interresting). When somebody say somethings that he knows wrong, he will argue on the subject and repeat and repeat. He is really really intelligent but doesn't seem to understand simple manner. With friends (he has very few) he is always in their bubbles (us too) and talk about him all the time. He tries to make them laugh by doing things really stupid and say things stupid. He acts like kindergarden kids. I really don't know anymore what to do. Please help me!

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