8 yo Frequent Urination


This is a follow up question. I've taken my daughter to the doctor and she just not have any medical reason for urinating so frequently so I have been firm while we are running errands about how often she can go - she has actually been fine with this. She slept well for three nights in a row and did not come out of her room. Last night she came out 30 seconds after I put her to bed. I walked her back in and said it was bedtime. She started to "freak out" (get anxious) and say she needed to go to the bathroom again. She had JUST gone. She ended up screaming and throwing a fit so I took away electronics for today. My husband and I have written a plan that now says she can go to the bathroom one time after she is put to bed. After that, she loses electronics for one day. If she comes to the family room, she has to stay in her room the next day. Any other thoughts?

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