Not a "Real" Grandma?


My stepdaughter and my 7.5 year old granddaughter lived in another state and moved in with us 1 year ago . My granddaughter's father is an alcoholic, became physically abusive to her Mom and finally lost his job. He was admitted to the hospital and went into his third rehab facility. He speaks with my granddaughter and Facetimes every night. There are many issues I will address at a later time but today when she was working on a fun exercise in her summer math book it asked for numbers of things. # of pets, etc. parents, and then grandparents. She entered 2 instead of 3 grandparents and said because you aren't my " real grandmother." I said "Mom will have to discuss this with you. ( My step daughter's mother is deceased and my granddaughter's father's father is deceased.)

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