3 yo Dawdling


My 3 year (and 9 month) old daughter dawdles when instructed to get out of bed, when told to make her bed, and when using the bathroom. She lays in her bed awake with her blanket when it's time to get up for maybe 30 minutes. When told to make her bed, she goes in her room lies on her blanket or plays with her toys. In the bathroom, I'm not sure what she's doing. I've have used a timer to motivate her to move more quickly. She needs to make her bed in 5 minutes. She needs to get out of the bathroom in "x" minutes. She was slow to change making her bed promptly with the timer. She did finally get into the habit, but she has backslid. My older two children did not exhibit this dawdling behavior in these three situations.

What is an age appropriate response to my daughter's behavior?

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