4 1/2 Year Old Throws Tantrums When Told What to Do


My husband and I have a 4 1/2 year old son who can be delightful and exceptionally good when he decides to be. Which is usually when he is with anyone besides my husband and I. I know an element of this is to be expected but at this point, it seems like, everyone is aware of that and how he is only bad with us...making it seem like we have no control with him. It is a bit embarrassing and frustrating for me. My biggest problem with him is that 90% of the time when I make a decision regarding his care and communicate that to him in a calm direct manner, whether it's bedtime, clean up, no iphone right now, etc., if he doesn't like it he throws a fit immediately. I can't ask him to do anything at all without complaint and crying, every time. I will usually send him to his room to get a good attitude and he throws himself on the ground/ screams the whole way upstairs. I've also said he had to stay in his room all day until dinnertime and then go to bed right after dinner and nothing seems to make a difference. I'm sure I am doing something wrong. I was considering implementing the ticket system but also wanted to get some other insight in what to expect from him and how to gain authority over him.

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