8 yo being disrespectful to mom



My eight year old daughter is 90% of the time a well behaved child who is pleasant to have around and works hard.

The last few months she has started rolling her eyes when I speak with her in front of her peers. It could be as simple as my asking when I greet her at school 'how was your day?' or 'It is good to see you'. In addition to eyeball rolling she has started using a whiney tone or a know-it-all tone also in front of her peers. Today she started using the phrase 'you are so embarrassing'.

My question is, is this normal for her age? I was expecting this more when she becomes a teenager. Because she is generally well-behaved I have responded mostly with mild humour or a gentle reminder to show respect. Should I be taking a harder line with this? Any suggestions?

We are on summer vacation and the situation is fairly contained at the moment. It flares up on days like today where she attended swimming lessons (with children she has never met before). I am not looking forward to school going back if interacting with peers leads to more of this.


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