17 yr old update

Since my last communication our 17 yr old has lived in her room. Comes out to eat when we are not in the house. If I knock on her door I am answered with an aggravated what!! She has asked to do things and we have told her no, because she is not doing what we have asked her to do, so we are not doing what she has asked of us.
She will go to church with us. At church she is counseling the other teen girls. One Sunday she went to the mother of a 20 year old young man that was in charge of the high school group for the morning and told her that her son did not handle a situation right. She went to the head music pastor, behind the volunteer youth leader's back and told the music pastor that they needed to start a worship group for the high school group.
My husband and I have not said anything to her about it. We are thinking that this would be a natural consequence situation at church. Having the leaders talk to her if they do not like what she is doing.
Do we just continue to leave her in her room? And leave her alone?

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