15 yo Social Skills


Our dilemma is regarding our 15 year-old son. He has become withdrawn over that past 2 years and more stoic. He has mastered the skill of suppressing his emotions when it comes to situations among peers where his feelings are hurt and he feels rejected. He is frequently sarcastic and cutting with his humor, which he regards as humorous, but alienates him from others including his sister. We tell him his humor is inappropriate but he stands his ground and won't listen to anyone. He is egocentric, tremendously insecure, lacks confidence and is very lonely. He is challenged socially and avoids anything that requires social skills including talking on the phone. Recently, he severed a friendship with one of his only friends over a misunderstanding that could have been resolved quickly if he simply accepted responsibility and apologized. Instead the issue escalated and he eventually " lost it" and bawled his friend out- or more aptly, ex-friend. We've got to help him turn his life around. How can we help him?

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