How long to keep kicked out of the garden


My husband and I have read your books which are helpful. Alas our 7yr has been in his bedroom for over 4 months. He is defiant to the teacher at school when its time to do words, throws things around the class room and talks over the teacher. He is on a strict diet as some foods make him worse. He has spent half of the current school year at home doing his school work as he is quite disruptive in class, school work at home consists of set toilet and drink breaks and no play time, just school work and lots of the stuff he doesn't like. When he wants to do his school work he gets 100%
When he is good its a pleasure but then something snaps in his head and he turns into a fairy dancing around his room or pulling things to bits and doing anything but what he is meant to, he even goes so far as to pull up the carpet and find tiny bits and pieces to create things, pulls threads out of socks and makes a fishing line, etc. We don't let him get away with anything. He has the memory of an elephant so we have to keep on top of every thing. The teacher thinks he might be a little autistic, I think its food intolerance and him just wanting his own way. Please don't get me wrong he is a lovely caring boy, he just has an attitude of a 13 year old. He has told us the reason he is naughty is because he wants to be and he likes to do what he wants.
So what do we do??? He can't keep coming home from school and 4 months in his bedroom is a long time.
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